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Jul 23, 2010

American war resister wins another victory in federal court

Krystalline Kraus
Jeremy Hinzman has won the right to appeal his deportation order, setting the stage for a new immigration review process for all those American soldiers who came to Canada as conscientious objectors.

Iraq 7 years later - The legacy of invasion

Jun 13, 2010 to Jun 14, 2010
Rhizome Cafe
377 East Broadway
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As Iraq's fortunes hang in a delicate, dangerous balance, join the New Internationalist for this special issue launch, featuring Hadani's photography and video footage from her recent trip to Baghdad.
Feb 9, 2010

Tony Blair feels the heat over Iraq

Kathleen O'Hara
British journalist George Monbiot has set up a fund to pay a bounty to anyone attempting a citizen's arrest of the former U.K. prime minister. There are plenty of donations.

Update on US Iraq War Resisters

Jan 14, 2010
Parkdale United Church
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Alberta CA
Screening of "War Resisters Speak Out" film produced by the War Resisters Support Campaign.
Oct 29, 2009

The war condolences Obama hasn't sent

U.S. Army Reserve Spc. Chancellor Keesling died in Iraq from "a non-combat related incident," according to the Pentagon. He was just one in what is a record year for suicides in the U.S. military.


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