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Corruption scandals oust South Korea President Park Geun-Hye

December 23, 2016
| President Park is accused of more than a dozen corruption-related offences. Critics say the scandals, which have brought millions onto the streets, expose deep divisions in Korean society.
Length: 13:54 minutes (12.74 MB)
| May 5, 2016

Trans Pacific Partnership undermines Canadian cultural policy

April 21, 2016
| A new study on the TPP questions why Canada allowed countries like Japan and the United States to significantly weaken protection for Canadian culture.
Length: 14:01 minutes (12.85 MB)

U.S. think tank pushing for confrontation with China

December 13, 2015
| The Council on Foreign Relations is the most influential think tank in the U.S. In a recent report, it says the U.S. should abandon attempts to integrate China, and instead seek to isolate it.
Length: 11:57 minutes (10.95 MB)
Asia Pacific Currents

Japanese people get organized against nuclear industry and militarism

September 4, 2015
| Labour updates including world's biggest strike in India and the growing movement in Japan against war and militarism.
Length: 29:22 minutes (13.45 MB)

Dividing Korea: A hidden Holocaust

August 31, 2015
| The effects of the division of Korea on women. Kellia Ramares-Watson interviews Hwa-Young Lee, war survivor and activist.
Length: 29:07 minutes (13.33 MB)

Japan's debt to 'comfort women'

August 21, 2015
| This program excerpts testimony and judgments from the December 2000 Women's International Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery.
Length: 29:19 minutes (13.42 MB)
Jason Kenney
| August 19, 2015

Japanese PM positions Japan as prime military power in East Asia

August 12, 2015
| The Japanese government wants to see an end to Japan's commitment to pacifism. Shinzo Abe has the support of the U.S. government in his moves to remilitarize the country.
Length: 19:46 minutes (18.1 MB)

Fukushima nuclear disaster four years on

May 7, 2015
| In 2011, the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor in Japan experienced a triple meltdown. Japanese officials still don't have a clear idea of what has happened inside the reactor.
Length: 13:45 minutes (12.6 MB)
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