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Confronting Jason Kenney and the cuts to refugee health care: An interview with Bashir Mohamed

Bashir Mohamed is, to many people, "just" a university student. However, inside him brews the power and spirit of politics and social change. His previous actions involve starting and contributing to numerous charitable projects, including an initiative to send 1500 water filters to Haiti earlier this year. He hopes in the future to become a Member of Parliament with the hope of instituting true and effective change.


Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Cuts to refugee health care are 'shameful'

The Conservative government expects to save $0.59 per capita in costs through cuts to refugee health care that go into effect Saturday.

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A pediatrician speaks out: Refugee health cuts put children's lives at risk

Photo: Jesse McLaren

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On June 18, physicians and other health care providers carried out a National Day of Action in over a dozen cities across Canada to oppose the Conservatives' cuts to refugee health care. This article is a modified version of the speech delivered to the Montreal rally by pediatrician Samir Shaheen-Hussain. 


Roma people at risk: Canadian politicians not asking the right questions

Roma children in Hungary. (Photo: hunglish.org)
In Hungary, the Roma people face the danger of far right militias. So why is Canada making it easier to send Roma refugees back?

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Canada: The gift that keeps on giving to Israel

As Israel faces growing isolation and repercussions from an effective global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Campaign, over the past month Canada has continued to deepen its economic, political, and ideological relationship with Israel.


Galloway sues Kenney: An interview

Photo: Steve Punter/Flickr
Former British MP George Galloway is suing the Canadian government for $1.5million. In an interview he describes why.

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Galloway launches $1.5 million legal action against Canadian government

Press Release For immediate use

George Galloway is suing the Canadian government for $1.5million.

The legal action alleges defamation, misfeasance of public office and claims general and exemplary damages amounting to $1.5million. The statement of claim was served today (Tuesday) on Immigration, Nationalities and Multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney and his assistant Alykhan Velshi.


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