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Jul 21, 2016
Photo: KMR Photography/flickr

Inaction threatens to stagnate Manitoba's minimum wage

Molly McCracken
Unless immediate action is taken, 2016 will be the first time in a generation that minimum wage workers will see their wages stagnate, resulting in fewer earnings for basics like food and shelter.
Nov 21, 2014
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr

31 ways to create good jobs in B.C.

Iglika Ivanova
What can be done to create meaningful, sustainable, family-supporting jobs in B.C. and Canada? Here's a list of 31 ideas.
Oct 29, 2014

Is Big Oil a big job creator?

Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood
By manipulating the numbers, the oil industry is trying to put a positive spin on a non-story. If there's a benefit to the Canadian economy from the oil sands, you won't find it in the job market.
In cahoots
Oct 8, 2014

Invest in jobs, not war

We know that public investment in infrastructure, education, health care, social services and jobs is a precondition to peace and stability everywhere in the world. We should invest in peace.
Sep 12, 2014

Is the EI cut a 'job credit'? Try 'job killer'

David Macdonald
Yesterday the federal government announced a "Small Business Job Credit." The idea is that small businesses will have a portion of what they paid in EI refunded to them, as a "job-creation strategy."
Jun 9, 2014
Photo: Neal Jennings/flickr

Latest job numbers show Ontario on unsteady ground

Kaylie Tiessen
New Statistics Canada jobs data shows that much of Ontario remains on the same unsteady ground it was on a year ago. Much of the big-picture data masks a continuing shift in Ontario's labour market.


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