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Marineland owner threatens to kill activist, then sues him for $1.5 million

July 18, 2013
| Mike Garrett, anti-captivity activist, speaks to the $1.5-million SLAPP lawsuit against him by Marineland.
Length: 09:32 minutes (8.73 MB)
Progressive Voices

Marineland SLAPPs back

February 25, 2013
| Dylan Powell, co-founder of Marineland Animal Defense, speaks about the $1.5-million lawsuit filed against him by Marineland.
Length: 18:27 minutes (16.9 MB)
Progressive Voices

No one loves Marineland: Jillian Ditillio

August 22, 2012
| I speak with Jillian Ditillio of Marineland Animal Defense about animal cruelty occurring at Marineland. Gaps in animal rights legislation and prospects for change are also discussed.
Length: 14:02 minutes (12.86 MB)
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