John A. Macdonald

Jan 9, 2015

Ten crimes of John A. Macdonald

Jesse McLaren
January 11 is a day to remember Canada’s first Crime Minister, to celebrate the struggles that resisted his policies, and to keep building movements challenging his legacy.
Book Review
Mar 20, 2014

'Clearing the Plains' confronts Canada's colonialism

Matthew Brett
Author James Daschuk discusses Canada's history of disease, deliberate starvation, ethnic cleansing, tar sands expansion, neglect of treaties and a legacy of colonialism of First Nations.
Jul 25, 2012
Jerry Brown

As goes California, so goes the nation!

David J. Climenhaga
Understanding where the California Republicans are now headed is useful to plotting the near-future trajectory of our own Conservatives.
Jul 1, 2011
Alberta Flag

Happy Alberta Day, Canada! Get used to it!

David J. Climenhaga
The Harper government's knee-jerk responses to the labour disputes at Air Canada and Canada Post are just further evidence of the ongoing Albertanization of the rest of this country.


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