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Darcy Sheppard's life wasn't only tragic

Last fall, after the catastrophic Toronto encounter between Michael Bryant and bicycle courier Darcy Allan Sheppard, I wrote a column lamenting the swift intervention by the PR firm Navigator on Mr. Bryant's behalf. I also said we'd started to learn about Mr. Sheppard, and that he was the product of a "failed adoption," plus much foster care.

Immigrant workers fight back

Fight Back: Workplace Justice for Immigrants

by Aziz Choudry and Jill Hanley et al.
(Fernwood Publishing,
"A lot of Filipinos and others are silent in their jobs....They are scared that if they do something for change, they will be deported....They feel held at the blade between life and death."


Artwork by Rocky Tobey. Found at Justseeds.
| August 15, 2014
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What would you like to tell the courts?

Seems to us that there are a number of important rulings against the Federal government lately. A lot. Here are just a few:


Cuts to Interim Federal Health Program ruled 'cruel and unusual'

Photo: flickr/Mark Hillary

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The Federal Court has given the government four months time to change cuts to health care coverage for refugees or that the cuts may be struck down. The cuts were found to be an "equal-rights violation." 


| June 5, 2014

Stand UP! for economic justice

In this first installment of the rabble.ca series UP! Canadian labour rising, Duncan Cameron reflects on why the labour movement is more important than ever.

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UP! Fighting for economic justice for all

The first Canadian Labour Congress convention was held 58 years ago, before most of the delegates to its 27th convention this month were born. It was an all-important event in working class history, as until then Canadian labour movement unity had proven elusive.


March 3, 2014 |
For nine years now, Ghanaian farmers have been fighting to obtain full compensation for the loss of their land and livelihoods.
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