Karl Marx

Nov 18, 2014

Book launch: Red Skin, White Masks

Glen Coulthard's book is for the generation of First Nations activists who want to change things entirely. Coulthard tackles current Indigenous-settler relations in Canada, drawing on Marx and Fanon.
May 23, 2013
Photo: rentassembly.org

Rent: It's a racket

Michael Stewart
The Vancouver Rent Assembly, "A gathering of renters in a time of siege," examines and analyzes the concept and legitimacy of rent.
Book Review
Feb 15, 2013

Lincoln, Marx and the struggle against slavery

Derrick Morrison
Robin Blackburn introduces this collection of speeches, essays and correspondence, which includes the inaugural addresses of President Abraham Lincoln and the writings of Karl Marx.
Dec 30, 2011
The author, at a Jays game, stuck in the Yankees section.

The Marxist Analysis of 'the Wave' in Sports Stadia

David J. Climenhaga
Edmonton journalists need to be reminded that the NDP leadership is an important story and their readers expect them to get off their sorry duffs and cover it. And nuts to the Leafs!

Winnipeg Marx Reading Group: Discussion

Jan 6, 2012
Aqua Books
274 Garry Street Between Portage and Graham
R3C 1H3 Winnipeg , MB
49° 53' 35.988" N, 97° 8' 25.9656" W
Manitoba CA
Winnipeg Marx Reading Group gets together at Aqua Books for a discussion on another facet of Marxist thought.

Marx in Soho at the Rio Theatre

Jul 13, 2011 to Jul 15, 2011
Rio Theatre
1660 East Broadway
Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 43.902" N, 123° 4' 13.4688" W
British Columbia CA
MThe premise of this witty and insightful "play on history" is that Karl Marx has agitated with the authorities of the afterlife for a chance to clear his name.
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