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Regeneration gap: Is the environmental movement winning?

May 30, 2016
| A generational gap in conservative thought appears to be opening with new right wing leaders beginning to accept climate science.
Length: 53:22 minutes (61.08 MB)
May 26, 2016 |
Ben Gotschall, who lives in Nebraska along the rejected Keystone XL route, is warning New Brunswickers that the Energy East pipeline could spill up to 2.62 million litres of oil daily.
Green Majority Radio

The big lie of left/right politics

January 25, 2016
| We reply to a listener email from a "non-typical right winger" on their complaints with us being happy that Keystone XL was cancelled.
Length: 54:35 minutes (49.98 MB)
| January 12, 2016
Green Majority Radio

Reclaiming sovereignty

January 8, 2016
| Green Majority Radio spoke to Jeff Mann, an artist who makes car parts into art and about TransCanada's lawsuit against the U.S. government for killing the Keystone XL pipeline.
Length: 54:38 minutes (50.02 MB)
January 7, 2016 |
The Council of Canadians warns that trade agreements like TPP and CETA guarantee an avalanche of challenges to environmental laws and democratic decisions.
Photo: Council of Canadians
| November 8, 2015
Photo: screenshot
| September 18, 2015
| February 6, 2015
Obama sets out his climate test for Keystone XL
| February 4, 2015
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