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Save the Salish Sea: Respecting Indigenous rights means stopping tar sands tankers

I am, like most of you, a strong supporter of First Nations land and title rights. Increasingly, the international community is waking up to the rights of Indigenous people and their justified desire for sovereignty and self-determination.

This struggle is playing itself out very publicly as First Nations on the west coast of Canada have drawn a line in the sand regarding dangerous pipeline projects. That is the context for the canoe gathering this weekend in the Vancouver harbour, organized by the Tsleil-Waututh Nation and the the Squamish Nation. 

Protecting the waters is a sacred trust


Cancun might be a flop, but our environment plans can flourish

The UN climate change negotiations wind to a close today in Cancun, but the hot air has long since gone out the room. This time around, nobody really expected a meaningful new climate treaty to be signed. And yet the urgent task of dealing with climate change remains.


Dissenting voices quietly vanish from Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline review

| April 15, 2014

Public process to comment on Kinder Morgan pipeline onerous and restrictive

January 19, 2014
| Activists say the federal government has changed the process in order to head off a repeat of the hearings into the Northern Gateway pipeline, where 1,200 people are registering their opposition.
Length: 13:51 minutes (12.69 MB)

Thousands rally to protest Enbridge pipeline

November 25, 2013
| November 16 was the national Defend our Climate day of action. There were 130 events across the country to oppose the Alberta tar sands and the pipelines that carry the oil.
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Why is Big Oil funding Reconciliation Week events in Vancouver?

From September 18-21, 2013, the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission' (TRC) is holding an event in British Columbia as part of its Canada-wide effort "to promote awareness and public education about the Residential School system and its impacts". Simultaneously a fairly new organization named 'Reconciliation Canada' is organizing some events of its own to coincide with TRC's event in BC. These events include a "Reconciliation Walk" and an "All Nations Canoe Gathering".


After the B.C. election: Big Oil won a battle but they haven't won the war

What makes me sad about Tuesday night's election in B.C. is that I know a lot of folks that really care about the people and the planet had their hearts broken. The candidates and their supporters that I saw at the BC NDP election night party were a group of people who I know wanted to make this province a better place -- it was hard to watch them leave the convention centre with sad faces.


Why more tar sands pipelines will only bring disaster for B.C. and Canada

Graphic from Tanker Free BC.

Canada once had a vibrant manufacturing sector, growing economy and about 20 oil tankers per year passing through Burrard Inlet in B.C., mostly delivering refined products to coastal communities. Today, Canada has a declining manufacturing sector, growing unemployment, and over 70 crude oil tankers per year transiting Burrard Inlet. What happened?

The tar sands happened. Canada took the lure of globalization and raw resource export. Over a decade ago, the world's largest oil companies decided to exploit the black bitumen tar buried under Alberta's boreal forest, and to ship it from Canada with minimal local economic benefit.


Debate on Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline takes centre stage in B.C. election

For a climate organizer, the ongoing British Columbia election campaign has been a rare treat. For the first time in a very long time, climate change and fossil fuels are taking centre stage in an election campaign.

The past two federal elections have been marked more by the absence of discussion of climate change than its presence. Even in the most recent U.S. federal election, climate only broke into the campaign thanks to the force of a climate supercharged hurricane crashing into New York City.

NDP comes out against Kinder Morgan pipeline 

Surprisingly, it hasn't been the long embattled Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline that has taken centre stage, but rather the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.


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