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Asia Pacific Currents

The fight for health and safety at Samsung in South Korea

April 29, 2016
| Labour updates of workers' struggles in the Asia-Pacific region and interview with Dr. Kong on the fight to have safe workplaces in Samsung.
Length: 29:51 minutes (13.67 MB)
| April 29, 2016
Asia Pacific Currents

Palestine: A one-state solution to the present impasse?

April 22, 2016
| Labour struggles from the Asia Pacific region and interview on the Palestinian issue.
Length: 31:01 minutes (14.2 MB)
Teachers protesting Bill 115 in downtown Toronto in 2012
| April 21, 2016

Tea strike! Women workers unite and win in Kerala, India

April 14, 2016
| Women who harvest tea made an end run around the unions and negotiated their own deal.
Length: 29:08 minutes (40.02 MB)
Image: Flickr/David Wilson
| April 12, 2016
Asia Pacific Currents

Refugees are workers -- let them stay

April 2, 2016
| Jiselle Hanna interviews Amanda Zifcik from the Refugee Action Collective.
Length: 29:32 minutes (10.14 MB)
Asia Pacific Currents

Women's rights and the struggle for equality in the Philippines

March 17, 2016
| Interview with Lisa Maza on the struggle for gender equality in the Philippines, and updates on workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region.
Length: 28:57 minutes (13.26 MB)

CBSA conducting raids on caregivers in B.C. and Yukon

March 16, 2016
| Project Guardian is a Canada Border Services Agency project targeting foreign caregivers in their employers' homes. Advocates say workers are being penalized for leaving exploitative workplaces.
Length: 14:00 minutes (12.82 MB)
| March 8, 2016
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