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| January 15, 2015
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| November 21, 2014

Study finds no link between minimum wage levels and employment outcomes

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Last week my Unifor colleague Jordan Brennan and I published a study through the CCPA Ontario office examining the historical empirical evidence regarding the link between changes in minimum wages and employment outcomes. We find there is no robust evidence in Canadian historical data that increases in real minimum wages cause either lower employment or higher unemployment, even when we focus on key segments of the labour market that are most reliant on low-wage labour (including youth and the retail and hospitality sectors).

| October 29, 2014
| October 10, 2014
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| September 17, 2014
Source: CANSIM 282-0087
| September 8, 2014
| September 8, 2014
| September 5, 2014
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| August 27, 2014
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