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Law and order: Corporate crime unit

"Manslaughter," reads the United States Code, "is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice." It goes on, "Whoever is guilty of involuntary manslaughter, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six years, or both." In the disasters at the Massey coal mine in West Virginia and on the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, people were killed. Twenty-nine miners died in the Upper Big Branch mine explosion. Eleven workers died on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which is owned by Transocean, working under contract for BP. There are state laws that govern manslaughter as well, and special language given for maritime deaths. So why aren't the executives of these companies behind bars?

Jonathan Denis
| January 21, 2013

Harper's border deal expands the national security state

The Canada-U.S. "Beyond the Border" agreement announced in December 2011 promotes bilateral "friendship, sharing, and collaboration." These are excellent values. They are instilled in kindergarten. But if Canada wants to build an adult relationship with the United States, we need to openly address issues of civil rights, due process and accountability.


People's Health Radio

Poverty, criminalization and health

May 26, 2011
| People's Health Radio explores the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users campaign against the ticketing of poor people for vending, jaywalking and public urination.
Length: 1:00:36
Pivot Legal Society

Transit police violence

January 26, 2011
| Doug King discusses recent horrific injuries sustained by Vancouver transit passengers from the transit police.
Length: 11:26
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension

Pulling out U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2011? Council of Canadians' 25th birthday

September 30, 2010
| Alert! Radio #158 - Interviews with John Warnock, Elizabeth Comack and Brent Patterson. Headlines, Around the Left in 7 Days and Music is the Weapon.
Length: 59:03

Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements

Still reading this piece, but needed to share right away!

I'm asking that this be a feminist discussion between women babblers.


| July 15, 2010

It's official: Blacks are three times more likely to be stopped by Toronto police

The Toronto Star's 2010 investigative series on racial profiling proved the black community right. It is not often that disputes about perspective are conclusively settled with one side clearly right. However, the difference of opinion between the black community and the police force over whether the police engage in the practice of racial profiling may finally be settled.

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