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Karl Nerenberg

Liberals are celebrating, but who has momentum?

| February 20, 2014

Liberals Montreal 2014, or, the third party holds a convention

The policy resolutions for the Liberal Party of Canada convention later this week in Montreal read like material the New Democratic Party would debate. Not only are they thoughtful, and progressive in tone, if implemented they would mark the launch of a peaceful revolution in Canada.

The 162 priority resolutions include proposals for a national transit strategy, an early childhood development program, a basic income guarantee, and affordable housing. 

Policies of this nature have been discussed and debated by NGOs, academics, and various professional associations for years, without going anywhere.

David J. Climenhaga

NDP-Grit coalition to defeat Rob Anders? Unlikely! This is a Tory civil war

| January 9, 2014
David J. Climenhaga

Why I voted for Jim Coutts in 1984 and probably would again, a lesson in retail politics

| January 3, 2014
rabble staff

The Liberal Party and #askjustin: Ladies, ladies where's the fire?

| November 7, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Halloween 2013: A meditation on power

| November 1, 2013
David J. Climenhaga

Coming soon, perhaps, a reason for Canadians to thank Conrad Black!

| October 23, 2013

Who will push back neoliberalism? Winning next election not enough for Liberals or NDP

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With the next federal election a little more than two years away, it is time we started asking the Liberals and New Democrats what kind of government they will deliver if either one can bounce the Conservatives from power.

It would be unwise to underestimate the Conservatives' devious political smarts, but it increasingly looks like we may have a dramatic change in Ottawa -- perhaps a Liberal government.



Justin Trudeau, the boy king

Photo: Justin Trudeau / flickr

There is no accounting for political judgement when it gets caught up in irrational euphoria. The overwhelming victory of Justin Trudeau in the Liberal Party's leadership race demonstrates just how impoverished the state of our political culture has become.

Did the polls -- almost completely meaningless at this stage of the political process -- so addle people's judgement that they could not see what was in front of them? In a stunning failure of imagination 80 per cent of those casting ballots effectively declared: we think a pretty face and a famous name is all we need to win and more importantly, all the country needs to lead it.  

Canada's heart will go on ... and on: Justin Trudeau's national vision

| April 20, 2013
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