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| September 16, 2014

Despite NEB approval of Line 9, opposition continues

Photo: Dave Vasey

The Line 9 campaign in Southern Ontario has been a movement that has used civil disobedience, education, and grassroots organizing to oppose tar sands expansion. On March 6, 2014 the National Energy Board approved the Line 9B Reversal project by Enbridge. By this December, Enbridge plans to have Line 9 flow up to 300,000 barrels per day of Bakken shale oil and tar sands crude from Sarnia to Montreal. The line runs in close proximity to over 9.1 million people including 99 cities/towns, and 18 First Nation communities.


| July 18, 2014
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| June 24, 2014
Talking Radical Radio

Fighting a pipeline and toxic colonialism

June 19, 2014
| Vanessa Gray of Aamjiwnaang First Nation talks about the struggles against Chemical Valley, the Line 9 pipeline, and toxic colonialism more broadly.
Length: 28:51 minutes (26.41 MB)

Provincial candidates commit to environmental assessment on Line 9

Photo: Kevin Konnyu

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A coalition of grassroots groups have received confirmation from 67 provincial candidates in Ontario that, if elected, they would conduct an environmental assessment (EA) on the controversial Line 9 pipeline that runs through Southern Ontario.


| June 10, 2014
| June 10, 2014
| June 8, 2014
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