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Workers at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter ask for a living wage

Photo: PSAC-NCR | AFPC-RCN/Flickr
Workers at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter say it is increasingly difficult to work for poverty wages.

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A number is never just a number -- money to live

A number is never just a number -- money to live. Photo: KittyCanuck/Flickr
How much do Canadians need to survive? How much do they get?

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Lobster fisheries: Economic struggle on the high seas

I went lobster fishing off West Pubnico with a young buddy last week. At one point, he indicated a boat ahead and said, "See that guy. He's not making any money. He's got a 750-horsepower engine." It turns out that not making any money, and the many things that might prevent you from doing so -- like a costly engine, or a couple of lost lobster pots at $100 each - is pretty well the only topic on the lobster grounds these days. This is a big deal for the economy of the Maritimes. Lobster is a billion-dollar-plus export industry, but it's especially the case for Western Nova Scotia where nearly half the Atlantic catch comes from.

Photo: Toby Scott/flickr
| September 16, 2014
| June 23, 2014

Go All In for a Living Wage this World Cup!

Tell Adidas to go all in for a living wage!  Sign the petition Use the double hashtag #allin for a #livingwage on twitter to spread the word.  Find out more about the campaign and more actions you can take!


April 18, 2014 |
On April 14, a crowd of about 175 people marched in downtown Toronto to demand a $14-an-hour minimum wage and improved legal protections for precarious workers.
March 24, 2014 |
After 11 years in power, the Liberals have not addressed the serious and growing problem of poverty in Ontario

Rogers Arena concession workers face spring layoffs

Photo: flickr/ m+A+s

Almost 1,000 concession stand workers at Vancouver's Rogers Arena will be out of work in a few months.

On March 11, the workers, at least 600 of which are members of UNITE HERE! Local 40, were notified that Canucks Sports & Entertainment were ending their relationship with Aramark Canada Ltd. Their contract with the food service management company was not slated to end until 2015.

"We're excited about some big changes with our food and beverage program that will offer fresh and innovative new options at every event here at our arena," said Victor de Bonis, Canucks Sports & Entertainment's Chief Operating Officer, in a written statement. They plan on hiring 1,000 new staff for their food and beverage program.


| February 6, 2014
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