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| May 18, 2015
OFL Demonstration for a living wage, February 2015
| May 7, 2015
Image: CCPA
| April 30, 2015
April 29, 2015 |
The wage needed to cover the costs of raising a family in Metro Vancouver is $20.68 per hour. The hourly wage that two working parents with two young children must earn to meet their basic expenses.
| April 29, 2015

Oz Cole-Arnal: Progressive Candidate for Chair of Waterloo Region

October 16, 2014
| An interview w/ Oscar Cole-Arnal, an anti-poverty activist + progressive candidate for the position of Waterloo Regional Chair in the upcoming elections.
Length: 28:06 minutes (38.6 MB)
| October 6, 2014
Photo: Toby Scott/flickr
| September 16, 2014
| June 23, 2014

Go All In for a Living Wage this World Cup!

Tell Adidas to go all in for a living wage!  Sign the petition Use the double hashtag #allin for a #livingwage on twitter to spread the word.  Find out more about the campaign and more actions you can take!


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