Living Wage

Feb 23, 2016
Photo: flickr/ Ross G. Strachan

The business of the living wage

Teuila Fuatai
Paying employees a living wage will always increase labour costs for businesses relying on low-wage workers. Despite this, fairer wages often translate to benefits and savings in other areas.
Dec 3, 2015

After 30 years we need viable alternatives to food banks

Doreen Nicoll
Food banks opened their doors 30 years ago. Meant to be a short-term, emergency solution to hunger, their doors remain open because the need has been steadily growing and shows no sign of stopping.
Oct 6, 2014

A living wage lifts workers and the economy

Lynne Fernandez
Kirsten Bernas
Closing the gap between the minimum wage and the living wage is a win-win strategy that provides income security for Manitoban families while stimulating our economy.
Sep 16, 2014
Photo: Toby Scott/flickr

$15 minimum-wage movement spills into Canada

Trish Hennessy
Today, the federal NDP is slated to use its Official Opposition Day to table a motion that would have Parliament Hill vote on a proposal to reinstate the federal minimum wage.
Mar 12, 2014
Photo: flickr/ m+A+s

Rogers Arena concession workers face spring layoffs

H.G. Watson
Canucks Sports & Entertainment will be ending their contract with Aramark Canada Ltd and is set to lay off almost 1,000 concession stand workers at Vancouver's Rogers Arena.
Feb 6, 2014

What does a living wage really mean?

Lynne Fernandez
Living wage campaigns across Canada are not calling for legislative enforcement of a living wage. The idea is to adopt a wage policy that considers a combination of wages and benefits.


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