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November 6, 2013 |
According to Assétou, GMOs and industrial agriculture further entrenched inequalities between women and men.

Karlee Sapoznik on slavery and social change

August 31, 2013
| In this episode Karlee gets passionate about social change, making a difference and how slavery is something we should not turn a blind eye towards.
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French military presence in Mali to continue

May 14, 2013
| Earlier this year France began a military involvement in the West African nation of Mali. Last month the French parliament voted to extend their involvement.
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| May 7, 2013

No sign of peace or reconciliation in Mali

France perpetrated two large deceptions in conducting its military intervention into Mali six weeks ago. These have been universally accepted in mainstream media reporting.

The first is that the unilateral decision to invade Mali on January 11, 2013 was hastily made, prompted by imminent military threats by Islamic fundamentalist forces against the south of the country where the large majority of Malians live.

 The second is that France intends to quickly exit Mali. "French leaders have said they intend to start pulling out the 4,000 troops in Mali in March to hand over security to the Malian army and to the U.N.-backed AFISMA force, an African military contingent…" says a typical report in the Chicago Tribune on February 18.


Why the Right's 'defence lobby' wants another war

Canadian C-17 in Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2006. (Photo: lafrancevi / flickr)

The generals have a big problem. The fighting in Afghanistan is over for Canada, and the thousands of recruits they armed, and the fleets of planes, helicopters and tanks they bought, have nowhere to go but home.

Since 9/11 the military budget has ballooned to its highest level since the Second World War, surpassing the height of the Cold War in adjusted dollars.

How much longer will Canadians be willing to keep picking up the military's enormous tab with no war to fight or troops in harm's way to support?



Understanding the roots of the current conflict in Mali

February 17, 2013
| The French military intervention should be seen in the context of a decades-long effort to re-colonize Africa. Roger Annis says this goes hand in hand with a militarization of the continent.
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Mali and the true cost of Canada's military adventures in Africa

French military in Mali. (Photo: Brandi Hansen, U.S. Air Force/Released/Flickr)

Change the conversation, support today.

Responding to increased public disapproval of the on-going Canadian military mission in Mali, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday that Canada would not want to do more in Mali, as the situation there turns into an insurgency.


Canada out of Mali! Canadian imperialism and lessons from the Iraq anti-war movement

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 7:00pm


252 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
43° 40' 4.4004" N, 79° 23' 54.1392" W


Ameth Lo, Group of Research and Initiative for the Liberation of Africa (GRILA)

Sid Lacombe, anti-war activist and member of the International Socialists

While Harper has denied and continued Canadian colonialism, he is joining imperial intervention in Mali. Ten years ago the Canadian government tried to join the Iraq War, but were stopped by a mass anti-war movement. Join a discussion about the current situation in Mali, the lessons of the anti-war movement, and how we can support anti-colonial movements abroad and at home.

Organized by the International Socialists


France says it's in Mali 'for the long haul'

Change the conversation, support today.

"France is in Mali for the long haul." That's the headline in today's France daily Le Monde. The newspaper's front page, as well as pages 2 and 3, are devoted to a discussion over 'what next' for France and the world in Mali.


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