Oct 26, 2014

Wikipedia not welcoming environment for women

A survey by the Wikipedia Foundation discovered that more than 85 per cent of editors are men. Wikipedia Edit-a-thons are one attempt to address this imbalance, but women are still holding back.
Apr 4, 2014
Photo: flickr/Oregon Department of Transportation

We can make our schools inclusive. Will we?

rabble staff
Earlier this month, the Toronto District School Board was in hot water after it's plan to help Somali-Canadian youth in school became controversial. Parents argue the plans marginalize their kids.
Feb 21, 2014
Photo: wikimedia commons

Why we need to rethink Black History Month

Cheryl Thompson
Before an entire generation of Canadians grow tired or apathetic towards a month that so many people fought for, it's time to rethink Black History Month.
May 24, 2012

Azawad: Can this breakaway African state work?

Africafiles: The Pulse
A Tuareg group declared the independence of northern Mali in April. Africafiles explores the implications and future of an independent Azawad.
Mar 11, 2010

Tuberculosis among Inuit

Daniel Tseghay
A new report shows that the rate of tuberculosis among Inuit is 185 times greater than for the rest of the country. That's an incredible number and it's the product of our unfair social institutions.
Aug 20, 2009

The reality of women, sport and sexuality

The F Word
Acclaimed sports journalist Laura Robinson is interviewed by Ellie Gordon-Moershel on the important issues surrounding women's sport and her book titled Black Tights: Women, Sport and Sexuality.

Marginalized Youth in Contemporary Educational Contexts

May 13, 2009
MaRS Discovery District
101 College Street
43° 39' 37.71" N, 79° 23' 15.2988" W
Marginalized Youth and Contemporary Educational Contexts is part of a series of events focusing on collaborative community research as a systemic approach to changing front-line practice.
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