Feb 19, 2016

The politics of petitioning

David Bush
What is a petition and what is its role in organizing for people aiming to make radical political and economic change?
Sep 24, 2012
Ayn Rand

What's wrong with Rand: Objection to Objectivism

Christopher Majka
Thirty years post mortem Ayn Rand is still worshiped by the political Right, from libertarians to lululemon. Despite the superficial appeal of rational self interest it's built on shallow foundations.
Jun 7, 2011

Dr. Julian Tudor Hart: A socialist life

People's Health Radio
People's Health Radio spoke to Dr. Julian Tudor Hart about his life as a socialist general practitioner, and the values we need to assert for a more just and humane world.
Book Review
Sep 10, 2009

Theory of capital makes a comeback

Jordan Brennan
In Capital As Power an attack is launched on theories of capitalism by focusing on one of the oldest conundrums in the discipline of political economy -- the theory of capital.


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