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Brian Jean
| November 8, 2015
Aníbal António Cavaco Silva
| October 26, 2015
Derek Fildebrandt
| October 25, 2015
| October 23, 2015

Current climate change reporting breeds cynicism

October 22, 2015
| When the media only reports on the failures of international climate politics, people lose hope. Shane Gunster says success stories are there and need to be told to inspire citizens to action.
Length: 17:18 minutes (15.84 MB)

Furor over niqab normalizes racist debate

October 19, 2015
| By the end of today, the debate over the niqab will disappear from view. However, there will be a lasting impact for Muslim women and men, according to Itrath Syed.
Length: 14:13 minutes (13.02 MB)
Judy Rebick Endorser Ad
| October 9, 2015
Feminist Current

Chris Hedges on the death of journalism and critical thought in the Internet age

September 25, 2015
| American journalist and Pulitzer prize-winning author, Chris Hedges, will speak in Vancouver on Friday, September 25.
Length: 19:23 minutes (17.75 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Listen Here! Celebrating 10 years of Democracy, Technology and Podcasting

September 17, 2015
| A live podcast celebrating the 10th anniversary of the rabble podcast network.
Length: 1:09:53 minutes (63.99 MB)
2nd most popular Canadian premier
| September 9, 2015
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