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Oct 22, 2009

NOW: The Movie

Margaret Atwood makes an appearance in NOW Magazine: The Movie, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Toronto publication. This week rabbletv brings you Episode 2 of the mockumentary.

Fresh Media Festival

Oct 24, 2009
112 West Hastings
Vancouver , BC
49° 16' 55.38" N, 123° 6' 27.0792" W
British Columbia CA
Fresh Media will be hosting a one-day forum to re-imagine media and celebrate innovation in the 21st century.

North of Nowhere Expo: Festival of independent media and underground art

Oct 16, 2009 to Nov 1, 2009
Stanley Milner Library & Metro Cinema Edmonton , AB
53° 32' 27.3876" N, 113° 29' 37.3128" W
Alberta CA
The 2009 North of Nowhere Expo: A Festival of Independent Media & Underground Art is a non-profit activist-arts festival and features over 50 films, art exhibits, speakers, skillshares and more!
Sep 21, 2009

Should we blame it all on Conrad Black?

Gary Engler
Like Gordon Gekko, Lord Black lived by the motto that 'greed is good.' But blaming him for all our media woes might take our eyes off the systemic problems of contemporary capitalism.
Aug 21, 2009

CanWest's summer of feminist bashing

James Winter
After a man murders three women in Pittsburgh, right-wing columnists let patriarchy off the hook by bashing feminism.
Aug 17, 2009

Canadian media silent on resistance to Honduras coup

Yves Engler
Even a close observer of the Canadian press would know almost nothing about the ongoing demonstrations, blockades and work stoppages calling for the return of elected President Manuel Zelaya.


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