media democracy

Jan 15, 2009

Saving Canada's digital soul

The great value of the open Internet is that it allows us to envision and produce a more democratic media system. But now the open Internet is under threat.
Jan 8, 2009

A Shocking Loss of Media Nerve

rabble staff
Regardless of where you stand on the current Mideast crisis between Israel and Gaza, what I find most shocking about the media coverage is the lack of outrage over the blocking of journalists.
Dec 18, 2008

Making the links for media democracy in Canada

Steve Anderson
Whether you are concerned with issues pertaining to health care, the economy, or the environment, the current democratic deficit in media limits opportunities for social change.
Dec 1, 2008

The story of two spoofs and media stupor

Mordecai Briemberg
The responses to the initiatives of the Seriously Free Speech Committee have brought Canwest to drop its suit against me for being part of a ‘conspiracy' to create and publish the parody.
Oct 23, 2008

What's Missing in the Media

<span>Torontonians share their thoughts about &quot;What's Missing In The Media?&quot; This video is part of Media Democracy Day, Oct. 23/08</span>
Oct 23, 2008

Media Democracy Day takes to the streets

Wayne MacPhail
It's Media Democracy Day in Toronto. As part of the day's events, video activists will be asking the public, "What's missing in the media?"


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