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| October 6, 2014
| June 3, 2014
Migrant Matters

Canadian campaign to reverse the deportation order on Jose Figueroa

May 1, 2014
| Jose Figueroa is a Canadian-Salvadorean currently fighting a deportation order in Langly, B.C. Jose joins an annual Guelph panel on May Day via Skype, to speak about his We Are Jose campaign.
Length: 38:15 minutes (87.58 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

A victory for migrant justice: Hamilton as 'sanctuary city'

March 5, 2014
| Caitlin Craven and Josee Oliphant talk about organizing to make Hamilton, Ontario, into Canada's second 'sanctuary city.'
Length: 28:28 minutes (26.07 MB)
No One Is Illegal

No One Is Illegal Radio: Fear of a Black Planet

February 3, 2014
| Black power, resistance, and music in Canada and beyond
Length: 52:50 minutes (48.37 MB)

Vigil for Vega Jimenez to demand public inquiry and migrant detention policy reform

Poster: No One Is Illegal

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Tonight in Vancouver, there will be a vigil to honour the life of Lucia Vega Jimenez, demand justice and call for reform.

On December 28, 2013, Lucia Vega Jimenez committed suicide while in the custody of the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). Vega Jimenez hung herself on December 19 and died on December 28. The Agency subsequently kept her death a secret for more than a month and according to some reports forced her sister, Martha, to sign a non-disclosure secrecy agreement once she arrived in Canada to support her sister in the hospital.


Vancouver vigil demands immigration reform and public inquiry after latest detainee death

A vigil and petition has been launched to demand a full and transparent investigation into the tragic and shameful death of Lucia Vega Jimenez.

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Justice for Deepan - Regaining Citizenship

January 20, 2014
| Canadian born Deepan Budlakoti has faced targeting by Harper's racist government for deportation to India, a country where he has never lived and does not hold citizenship.
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Sex workers around the world fight back to end violence and create justice

Photo: flickr/PJ Starr

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Today, December 17, sex workers, allies and advocates around the world will be marking the International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. Begun ten years ago, this day honours and mourns sex workers who’ve been affected by violence and celebrates those who continue the struggle to end it.


Hunger strikers protest indefinite detentions in Lindsay, Ontario

Photo: End Immigration Detention

"We are taking a stand. We want Immigration to know what’s going on. We want the public to contact Immigration Canada. We need the Canadian public to put pressure on the Immigration minister so they can stop this lengthy and cruel and unusual detentions." -- Martin Sisay, from inside Lindsay’s maximum-security prison

"I missed three of my sons birthdays, I missed three anniversaries with my wife…I can not see myself here being detained indefinitely and thinking about them. That will drive me crazy. So I have to keep it out of sight and out of mind. How inhumane is that. I am a father and I am a husband. Should I even be allowed to feel like this." -- Amin Mjasiri, from inside Lindsay’s maximum-security prison


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