Nov 9, 2017
Protestors in Saint John. Image: Environmental Defence Canada/flickr

Resisting a climate of misogyny

Andrea Harden-Donahue
Climate justice campaigner Andrea Hardne-Donahue details the harassment and misogyny she and many activists face in response to their fight against the fossil fuel industry.
Jan 4, 2016

Bill Cosby: Rape culture journalism

J. Baglow
The "story" of one of Bill Cosby's victims buying a condo with her settlement money is really misogynistic journalism.
Dec 18, 2015

The blacklist was a many-gendered affair

Resistance films reveal that the blacklist was not merely a Hollywood phenomenon, but one that affected people from all walks of life. Overlooked in this history are the women who suffered under it.
May 26, 2015
Photo: Tom Flemming/flickr

Report sheds light on Dalhousie Dentistry crisis

Stephen Kimber
The most intriguing section of Friday's 65-page "Report from the Restorative Justice Process" is the one that documents the evolution of the now-infamous "Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen" group.
Apr 16, 2015


Needs No Introduction
A talk at Carleton University by Sue Montgomery on Thurs. February 26, 2015


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