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'Honor Diaries': Breaking silence on violence or reinforcing stereotypes?

Photo: flickr/Miquel Angel Pintanel Bassets

On International Women's Day 2014, the Clarion Project released its latest cinematic offering: Honor Diaries, which purports to be "the first film to break the silence on honor violence." The movie is staged as a "dialogue about gender inequality" between nine "courageous women's rights advocates with connections to Muslim-majority societies" (although one of the nine -- Jasvinder Sanghera -- is actually a Sikh woman of Indian origin from Britain).


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Online vs. offline harassment: Are there blurred lines?

Image: flickr/petesimon

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We're going to get a little nostalgic up in here.

Remember when you had to "log on" to the internet and listen to your modem make all those wacky noises? And before you started surfing the interweb, you had to tell everybody in your household because it meant the phone line would be busy?

Long before social media was a thing, we believed that there was a clear divide between what happened online and "real life."


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