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TODAY: Indignez-Vous! Hope in Resistance conference: Watch LIVE is the proud media sponsor of Indignez-Vous! Hope in Resistance. We will live-stream the event this Friday and Saturday, Oct. 21 and 22. Check out the speakers and seminars here. For the live-stream in English, starting Oct. 21 at 7 p.m., click here. For the live-stream in French, click here.


MUNACA Occupying Montreal For McGill Homecoming

McGill alumna Judy Rebick with picketing MUNACA workers. She told them that they are part of a bigger global movement also fighting for the same rights. Photo: Brianne Selman

MUNACA, the union representing 1,700 striking McGill support staff will be present in different locations in Montreal this weekend echoing the same message being voiced by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Both are fighting for transparency, accountability, fairness and equality. MUNACA members, who have been without a contract for a year, are seeking parity with other university workers in Montreal, protection of their pensions, and implementation of a fair wage scale.

During the McGill Homecoming this weekend, MUNACA will be disrupting a series of events urging McGill's big donors to withhold donations until the dispute is resolved fairly.


Pablo Solon opens Montreal Conference on the environment: Cochabamba +1

Fresh from ongoing international climate negotiations in Bangkok, the Bolivian ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, will attend and speak at next week-end's Montreal Conference on Climate Justice. The conference titled Cochabamba +1 : Climate Justice and Ecological Alternatives will feature no fewer than 30 speakers and nine panels, spread over three days, starting on the evening of April 15th and ending at midday April 17th.


Mohamed Harkat barred from attending dinner in his honour

Montreal, 3 February 2011 -- A community dinner in Montreal in support of Mohamed Harkat, who is engaged in an eight-year battle against deportation to torture on the basis of secret accusations, will have to go ahead without its guest of honour. Harkat learned late last week that the Canadian Border Services Agency refused his request to attend the dinner, organized as the closing event of a Montreal conference on national security.

CBSA, which is in charge of enforcing the strict bail conditions imposed on Harkat, stated that he could not attend because of the "the nature of the proposed event, its anticipated participants, as well as its venue." The event, a free vegetarian dinner, will take place at Concordia University.


Quebec right attacks MNA Amir Khadir

Just a week after being proclaimed the most popular politician in Quebec, Amir Khadir, the only MNA from Quebec solidaire, was out in public again to support a controversial issue knowing it would prompt rabid attacks from his opponents.

Khadir took to the street on Dec. 18 to picket a Montreal shoe store that sells Israeli-made products, as a part of a consumer boycott campaign initiated by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction group, a Palestinian solidarity organization. While the effectiveness of this tactic for the Palestinian cause is debatable, one ought to commend Amir's courage to stand up for his principle without fearing what it will do to his popularity.


Le Journal de Montreal lockout two years on

A Dec. 4, 2010 solidarity demonstration for journalists and staff at Le Journal de Montreal. Photo: Ted Sprague

It has been almost two year since 253 workers of Le Journal de Montréal -- journalists, photographers and office staff -- were served with a lockout notice by their employer. On every single day since Jan. 24, 2009, whether under the scorching summer sun or the chilly winter of Montreal, these locked out workers have picketed the building they used to work in.


Stop violence against women as we remember the Ecole Polytechnique murders

To commemorate December 6, the day when 14 women were massacred in Montreal's Polytechnical Institute in 1989, and in protest of the violence which women continue to suffer in Québec, Canada and around the world, we, the Collective of Women of Diverse Origins whole-heartedly supports the resolutions which came out of the Workshop on Violence Against Women, at the Montreal International Women's Conference August 13-15, 2010.

The workshop was attended by women from around the world; the conference brought together over 400 participants from 32 countries. It culminated in the forming of an anti-imperialist International Women's Alliance.


LIVE: G20 Public Hearing -- Montreal -- November 12, 2010

From November 10 to 12, 2010, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the National Union of Public and General Employees co-host three days of public hearings to examine police activity during the recent G20 Summit in Toronto. They have invited members of the public affected by G20 Summit security to attend this event to speak about how their contact with the police during the G20 Summit impacted them personally.

Activist Communique blogger, Krystalline Kraus, live blogs G20 Public Hearings on November 10th and 11th from Toronto.

The CCLA's Penelope Chester will pick up the live blog for the Montreal hearings, on Friday, November 12.

Tune in to our Cover It Live coverage from Montreal below, beginning 9AM EST on Friday, November 12th.


Urban space dominated by cars is not good for ordinary people

A new political party, which won office in Montréal's Plateau Mont-Royal borough last November, has begun to widen sidewalks, add bike paths and close some streets to traffic.

By doing so, critics have accused them of engaging in class warfare.

In a much discussed La Presse opinion piece, Luc Chartrand denigrated the "supposedly enlightened urban planning" measures as "nothing but a strategy by the wealthy to grab territory in a centrally located district... to the detriment of the general interest of the City."

This is just one more example of the Big Lie. Call black white, say war is peace, claim the media is leftwing and argue urban space dominated by cars is good for poor and working-class people.


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