Montreal Police

Apr 8, 2014

Why I protested austerity in Quebec

On April 3, protesters took to the streets to peacefully protest Quebec's austerity politics. The protest quickly turned chaotic when the Montreal police arrived. This is one person's account.
Mar 23, 2012
Photo by Darren Ell ( Protester plays violin as Montreal riot police advance at annual protest against police brutality in Montreal, 15/03/2012.

Police violence on the rise in Montreal

Stefan Christoff
From riot police violence against the growing Québec-wide student strike, to continued police killings in the city, Montreal police are facing a growing crisis in public confidence.
Feb 9, 2010

Race relations in Montreal

Street Cred
The coroner's inquest into the death of Fredy Villanueva resumes this week in Montreal.
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