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Ottawa screening of documentary on growing dissatisfaction of Muslims with their mosques

Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 1:30pm


Carleton University's River Building Ottawa, ON
45° 25' 17.508" N, 75° 41' 49.8948" W

The U.S. documentary Unmosqued explores why many Muslims feel unwelcome at their mosques. On Saturday, May 10 at Carleton University, Muslims in Ottawa will get a chance to watch and discuss this thought-provoking documentary.

UmmahHub, an Ottawa-based crowd-funding platform for Muslim community projects, has partnered with Muslim Link, Ottawa's Muslim Community Newspaper, and the Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam to bring the film to the city.

Unmosqued was "crowd-funded" on Kickstarter by hundreds of Muslims across the U.S. who felt the need to make a film showcasing their concerns.

BC/Yukon KAIROS representatives offer a cedar ring for reconciliation.
| March 27, 2014

Video: 'Come Home Canada'

Come Home Canada is a poem written and performed by Jeremy Loveday, Bryan Skinner is the filmmaker.


Recalibrating the place of hockey in our culture

Photo: Xiaozhuli/Flickr

Change the conversation, support today.

Almost all of us miss NHL hockey some of the time. And some of us miss it all of the time: players, owners, sports journalists. But its absence may also be a covert present in this gifting season: a chance to rebalance and recalibrate the place of hockey in our culture.

You see that imbalance in references to missing "hockey" and yearning for "hockey" to return. Yet it's only NHL hockey that's lacking. This is the result of a stealth coup by the NHL: it's made itself equivalent to hockey altogether.

Referendum on the Security Perimeter Agreement

Iam writing this letter because I am worried for the survival of my country. The small amount of media coverage discussing the North American Secuirty Perimeter agreement, due to be signed this summer, is pitiful. No public debate has been made, no importance has been tagged to the issue, and no one seems to care if Canadians want to harmonize border security and law enforcment to the USA or not. This agreement will bring the TSA groping searches to our country, it will bring Department of Homeland Security spying and abuses, and will mean FBI profiling and terrorist fear-mongering of independant citizens. It will allow America to imprison Canadians, and will likely lead to some Draconian and Pro-corporate laws which America is renowned for.

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