natural disaster

Jun 3, 2011

Does capitalism save lives?

Erin Weir
It's true that economic development saves lives, and capitalism is one potential route to economic development. But that does not mean that capitalism, in and of itself, saves lives.
May 26, 2011

Not Rex: Apocalypse soon!

Bummed at another delayed rapture? Cheer up. With earthquakes, tornadoes and climate change...there are plenty of other apocalypses just waiting to happen....
Jan 27, 2010

Let the Haitians in

The devastating toll of the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti continues to mount. Haitians need to be allowed into the United States, legally, compassionately and immediately.
Jan 15, 2010

Our role in Haiti's plight

Peter Hallward
Any large city in the world would have suffered extensive damage from an earthquake but it's no accident that so much of Haiti's capital city now looks like a war zone.
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