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No fracking way: Ban hydraulic fracturing in Canada

Hydraulic fracturing of 'fracking'. Graphic: Al Granberg/ProPublica

Oil and gas companies are injecting millions of litres of freshwater laced with thousands of kilograms of toxic chemicals and sand beneath the ground. Their goal is to extract natural gas embedded in a type of rock known as shale. This is currently happening in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick, and there are plans to establish the practice in Quebec and Nova Scotia.

At risk are ground and surface water, and human and non-human health.


British Columbia's fossil fuel superpower ambitions

The following is the first in a two-part storyon corporate claims over British Columbia's natural resources. Part two can be found here.

The province of Alberta is well known as a climate-destroying behemoth. The tar sands developments in the north of that province are the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.



Sour gas wells allowed within 100 metres of schools

January 29, 2014
| The natural gas industry is growing rapidly in B.C. Much of the gas contains dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide. A new report finds serious problems with current safety provisions.
Length: 11:33 minutes (10.58 MB)
Roger Annis

Gas pipeline explosion in Manitoba as resource projects on a relentless rise in western Canada

| January 29, 2014

B.C.'s natural gas strategy bad economics

December 4, 2013
| Christy Clark won the last election in part on the promise of a natural gas industry that would create jobs and eliminate the provincial debt. It turns out to be more fantasy than hard economics.
Length: 42:54 minutes (39.29 MB)
November 15, 2013 |
Unifor is raising concerns about the safety and environmental risks associated with fracking as well as the lack of informed consent by First Nations about fracking activities on traditional lands.

Why can't we talk about energy conservation in Nova Scotia?

Photo: Green Energy Futures/flickr

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Efficiency Nova Scotia, the conservation agency funded by your power bill, is reporting good progress as the public buys into the notion of saving both energy and money.

The province-wide electricity load has been cut by 4.3 per cent so far -- enough energy saved last year alone to power 16,000 homes -- and an "energy-efficiency industry" of small businesses is growing to service all this.

Excellent. Now what's keeping us from going all the way and actually adopting those forms of energy that conserve by definition?

David Suzuki

B.C.'s gas plan is a short-sighted pipe dream

| May 28, 2013

B.C. government needs to say 'no fracking way' this May!

| March 8, 2013

Smash the State Report: Feb.15, 2013

February 18, 2013
| Homelessness marathon and the fight for social housing kicks things off, then we go into abuses in jails, a nuclear North Korea, dead executives.
Length: 1:06:56 minutes (61.3 MB)
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