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Canada-EU trade talks put Canada's water up for sale, says new report


For Immediate Release

December 16, 2010

Ottawa, ON -- Canada's already challenged public water systems are under threat from a broad free trade agreement being negotiated by Canada and the European Union (EU). A new report released today, Public Water for Sale: How Canada will privatize our public water systems, warns that public water in Canada will be lost unless the provinces and territories take immediate steps to remove water from the scope of the proposed Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).



Is Stephen Harper a Straussian?

I'm talking political philosophy here, not Viennese waltzes. People keep asking why Stephen Harper acts as he does, it looks so buttheaded. He seems to muck up his own prospects: firing decent people, lashing out, raising the partisan rhetoric, proroguing Parliament haughtily, binging on military toys, mauling the census -- he's a bright boy, it's hard to figure.

I used to favour a theory of political Tourette's, the kind portrayed by Robert Redford in 1972's The Candidate. You suppress your political ideals for the sake of electability as long as you can; then the buildup leads to random outbursts. But there's another explanation: Straussianism.

Forgery. Murder. Deception. The Canada-Colombia free trade agreement

The Canada-Colombia free trade agreement currently before the House of Commons Trade Committee has all of the elements of a fast-paced action novel.

In the last week alone, breaking news of a forged letter of support from Canadian activist Maude Barlow was distributed to all Liberal MP's and there were emerging allegations of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez's brother, Santiago, being directly involved in brutal murders by the government`s paramilitary forces. It should be enough to put the scandals around the agreement on pages of the nation`s newspapers.

So why are Canada's big corporate media refusing to pay attention and cover the issue?


Kathleen Lahey
| November 23, 2014

Permanent precarity: Canada's immigration model becomes neoliberal blueprint

Canada is often seen has a haven for immigration, especially by our U.S. neighbours. But the 'managed migration' model spells a different story.

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No safe haven: Canada's 'managed migration'

Photo: flickr/2010 Legal Observers

Jose Figueroa, who is courageously defying an immigration warrant to detain him, is a symbol of the arbitrary and exclusionary nature of Canadian immigration and refugee laws.

Jose has been in Canada since 1997 and was approved in principle for permanent residency. Years later, he received a deportation order for his prior membership in a group Canada claims is an organization that engages in acts of "espionage" and "terrorism." 

That organization is the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), which fought against U.S.-sponsored dictatorships in the 1980s and is the current elected government of El Salvador. 


Image: Flickr/Gisella Klein
| October 21, 2014

Forget corporate social responsibility, reverse corporate tax cuts

October 12, 2014
| Since 1984, the corporate tax rate has dropped from 47% to 15%. Larry Haiven says that corporations should leave social responsibility to governments and simply pay their fair share of taxes.
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