Nobel Prize

Oct 30, 2018

Economists' Nobel puts spotlight on climate solutions

David Suzuki
It's refreshing to see a major economics prize recognizing work on climate change and policies that will enable the transition to an economy powered by zero-carbon energy sources.
Jul 17, 2017
President Barack Obama presents American musician Bob Dylan with a Medal of Freedom.

Bob Dylan, troubadour at last

Penney Kome
Although Dylan's lyrics powered a popular revolution and won him a Nobel Prize for Literature, the music itself seems to be what matters most to him.
Jun 25, 2010

Day one: The climate of the G8/G20

Graham Saul
The Canadian public has joined the UN, the EU, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and organizations around the world in calling on Harper to stop trying to sideline climate change at the G8 and G20.
Dec 11, 2009

A tale of two Nobel Prize speeches

Derrick O'Keefe
A fitting rebuttal to this year's 'war is peace' address was in fact delivered four years ago by the late British playwright Harold Pinter, when he was accepting the Nobel Prize for Literature.
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