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Book Review
Jun 17, 2010
Greed, Lust & Gender: A History of Economic Ideas

Economic thought from a feminist

Marjorie Griffin Cohen
Nancy Folbre focuses her critical eye on the inter-relationship between greed and lust as it relates to the idea of self-interest in capitalist economic life.
May 31, 2010

James Laxer on 'Beyond The Bubble'

James Laxer
Almost two years after the financial meltdown, the United States is still struggling to recover. So what are the implications for Canada?
May 21, 2010
The News: A Groundwork Guide

Episode 28 - Peter Steven on The News

radio book lounge
Matt Adams, host of I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!, chats with author Peter Steven about his new book The News: A Groundwork Guide.
Book Review
May 21, 2010
The News: A Groundwork Guide

Peter Steven on the news and why it matters

Peter Steven
In this excerpt from The News, Peter Steven explores how the media affects how we judge events, how we assess the past and how we act toward others. Interview with the author included!
Book Review
May 14, 2010
Norman Finkelstein: This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences in the Gaza Invasion

Finkelstein's hope for Gaza

Aaron Leonard
Norman Finkelstein's new book brings together the disparate pieces of Israel's 2008 invasion of Gaza, which left 1,400 Palestinians dead, and sets forth grounds for hope. Excerpt included.
Book Review
Apr 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! Alternatives' new eco books

Peter Stock
The Alternatives Journal podcast released their second annual books edition the audio complement to the third Alternatives Journal books print issue.
Book Review
Mar 18, 2010

Canada's zionist roots

Yves Engler
Yves Engler recounts the players, religious and political motivations behind Canada's zionist past in this excerpt from Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.
Book Review
Mar 12, 2010

James Hansen's climate reckoning

Al Engler
James Hansen has been attempting to convince governments of the threat posed by carbon dioxide emissions since the 1980s. In his first book, he defends the science behind human-caused climate change.
Book Review
Mar 4, 2010

Mapping feminism

Jessica Rose
Girldrive inspires readers to define feminism and womanhood for themselves, and get behind the wheel, ready to change the world.


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