nuclear weapons

Sep 24, 2017
Image: US Department of Defense - Public Domain

Opposition to war in the Korean Peninsula grows

Asia Pacific Currents
Koreans still have a vivid history of the last war in the 1950s. Workers are at the forefront of the efforts to stop another conflict breaking out.
Sep 14, 2017
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Leslie R. Groves

Canada was never a 'nuclear nag'

Yves Engler
Canada wasn't a 'nuclear nag.' If one were to rank the world's 200 countries in order of their contribution to the nuclear arms race Canada would fall just behind the nine nuclear armed states.
Aug 6, 2013

Is there a new anti-nuclear movement growing?

Celyn Dufay
It's been 68 years since the nuclear attacks on Japan, and world leaders are still discussing nuclear arms reduction and disarmament to be achieved "someday."
Apr 21, 2013

Nuclear waste to be shipped 2000 km by road

Last year Stephen Harper and Barack Obama agreed to ship liquid waste containing weapons-grade uranium from Chalk River near Ottawa to a site in South Carolina.
Jan 7, 2013

Don't blame the messenger for bleak news

Gerry Caplan
From now on, no more protecting readers from the whole truth, however unpalatable. It's humanity's record, after all, and while you can run away from it, you really can't hide.


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