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Across North America, Occupy celebrates its first birthday

Photo: Occupy Vancouver
Occupy Wall Street marked its first anniversary in New York, and other actions took place around North America.

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Occupy Wall Street marks its first anniversary

Photo: DoctorTongs / flickr
In Canada, on this Monday's first anniversary of Occupy, members from Occupations around southern Ontario are converging on Ottawa as Parliament resumes.

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Organizing for a North American Spring

In search of the North American Spring: Activists are debating how best to reach out and build their movements.

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Occupy, the New Politics Initiative and reclaiming the commons

My nearly 30 years of experience as a social activist in Saskatchewan immediately attracted me to the NPI 10 years ago: I had despaired for years over the deep and irrational divide between NDP party politics and the active social movements which characterized Saskatchewan political culture. The two should have been working together -- at least informally -- yet they existed as two solitudes. The NDP establishment detested social movements (and distrusted the labour movement) as naive and uncontrollable troublemakers because when the NDP was in power they persisted in criticizing the NDP government and making things uncomfortable for the ministers. Roy Romanow once told me he thought social movements were "totally useless."


Not Rex: Occupy general strike!

Occupy Toronto, day 28. Photo: John Bonnar
When they come to shut down Occupy in your town, Occupy yourself at work...

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Long Live Occupy: How gender justice became part of the Occupy movement

Image: rabble.ca

On a warm spring day in May of 2012, some 300 people, mostly women, gathered in Washington Square Park, Manhattan, to hold the First Feminist General Assembly.

At the time, a mere two and a half years ago, the Assembly movement was relatively new to North America, so this was truly an historic moment. It was also significant because that year May 17th was the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and the date marked the 181st anniversary of the first Women’s Anti-Slavery Convention in 1831.


| November 3, 2014

Long Live Occupy: Challenging white privilege in Occupy

Photo: flickr/Michael_Swan

The ‘Occupy’ movement feels like it happened ages ago, but its resonance remains, at least for this young racialized activist, who is willing to admit that it was the most radical experience of participatory democracy that he has ever engaged with.

This however says more about the past, present and ongoing nature of my experiences in a society built on exclusion, genocide and racial exploitation than it does with the democratic nature of the spontaneous and collective movement known as Occupy Toronto. 


Long Live Occupy: Occupy forever!

rabble's own Humberto 'Not Rex' DaSilva reflects on the Occupy movement and how it brought class consciousness into the Zeitgeist.

Check out rabble's series 'Occupy is Dead. Long Live Occupy'.

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