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Across North America, Occupy celebrates its first birthday

Photo: Occupy Vancouver
Occupy Wall Street marked its first anniversary in New York, and other actions took place around North America.

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Occupy Wall Street marks its first anniversary

Photo: DoctorTongs / flickr
In Canada, on this Monday's first anniversary of Occupy, members from Occupations around southern Ontario are converging on Ottawa as Parliament resumes.

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Organizing for a North American Spring

In search of the North American Spring: Activists are debating how best to reach out and build their movements.

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Occupy, the New Politics Initiative and reclaiming the commons

My nearly 30 years of experience as a social activist in Saskatchewan immediately attracted me to the NPI 10 years ago: I had despaired for years over the deep and irrational divide between NDP party politics and the active social movements which characterized Saskatchewan political culture. The two should have been working together -- at least informally -- yet they existed as two solitudes. The NDP establishment detested social movements (and distrusted the labour movement) as naive and uncontrollable troublemakers because when the NDP was in power they persisted in criticizing the NDP government and making things uncomfortable for the ministers. Roy Romanow once told me he thought social movements were "totally useless."


Not Rex: Occupy general strike!

Occupy Toronto, day 28. Photo: John Bonnar
When they come to shut down Occupy in your town, Occupy yourself at work...

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Where are we three years after Occupy?

It's the third anniversary of the Occupy protests. rabble is launching a new series that kicks off with this piece by Judy Rebick.

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Image: rabble.ca
| October 14, 2014

Long Live Occupy: Occupy, three years later

Photo: Rabble.ca

This post by Judy Rebick is the first in a rabble.ca series, Occupy is Dead. Long live Occupy. The series will look at what has grown out of the Occupy movement:

Even though the last three years have seen almost a continuous uprising of people demanding more democracy and less corporate control, with most of it taking place in public squares and much of it calling itself Occupy, people still say that Occupy has disappeared. 

Most recently, Occupy Central with Peace and Love was one of the key groups organizing the powerful occupation of the financial district in Hong Kong demanding real democracy. 


Asia Pacific Currents

Occupy Hong Kong

October 4, 2014
| Labour news from the Asia Pacific region, and an interview about the Occupy Hong Kong movement and labour relations in mainland China, with Eli Friedman.
Length: 29:40 minutes (13.59 MB)
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