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Occupy Canada: City by city

Photo: John Bonnar
The state of the Occupy movement in 11 Canadian cities.

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Out of the parks, into our lives: Move beyond Occupy

Shortly after the Occupy Movement began to make headlines, my friend and comrade Dr. J wrote this on his blog your heart's on the left:

Is occupation a tactic or a principle? Should the focus be on the internal procedures of those actively occupying, or outreach to broader communities and struggles? How do we build a movement of the 99%?


rabbleTV: First eviction notices go up at Occupy Toronto

Police began securing eviction notices at the Occupy Toronto campsite in St. James Park on Monday, Nov. 21. Photo: Wayne MacPhail
rabbleTV: Police move in at Occupy Toronto following a court decision.

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Occupy Toronto a welcome shelter of support for mental health

Occupy Toronto, day 31. Photo: John Bonnar
With no greater support, protesters with mental health issues await an eviction attempt with dread.

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Occupy Remembrance Day

Photo: Elizabeth Littlejohn
Veterans in Occupy Toronto speak out about rights and freedoms.

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Not Rex: Occupy general strike!

Occupy Toronto, day 28. Photo: John Bonnar
When they come to shut down Occupy in your town, Occupy yourself at work...

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Medics at Occupy Vancouver share tales in face of eviction

The first aid tent at Occupy Vancouver. Photo: David P. Ball
Concerns about force being used on Occupy protesters.

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Occupy Toronto in its third week

Photo: John Bonnar
Occupy Toronto prepares for winter.

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