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Who listens to the Official Opposition?

Canadian House of Commons. Photo: scazon/Flickr
The clash between government and opposition in Canada's parliament provides for a continual spectacle. Except, is anybody watching?

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Stephen Lewis's eulogy for Jack Layton

Never in our collective lifetime have we seen such an outpouring, so much emotional intensity, from every corner of this country. There have been occasions, historically, when we've seen respect and admiration but never so much love, never such a shocked sense of personal loss.

Jack was so alive, so much fun, so engaged in daily life with so much gusto, so unpretentious, that it was hard while he lived to focus on how incredibly important that was to us, he was to us. Until he was so suddenly gone, cruelly gone, at the pinnacle of his career.

To hear so many Canadians speak so open-heartedly of love, to see young and old take chalk in hand to write without embarrassment of hope, or hang banners from overpasses to express their grief and loss. It's astonishing.


Beyond Politics? The origins (and future) of the NDP's Orange Wave

Building the Orange Wave: The Inside Story Behind the Historic Rise of Jack Layton and the NDP

by Brad Lavigne
(Douglas and McIntyre,

Has the Orange Wave collapsed? Are we now in thrall of Trudeaumania 2.0? Can the Harper Conservatives be defeated in 2015? After the NDP's recent implosion in Nova Scotia, disappointment in British Columbia, and stalled hopes in federal byelections, these are the questions many progressives are posing.



Who listens to the Official Opposition?

Photo: scazon/Flickr

Even a casual visitor to the House of Commons notices immediately its main feature. On one side of the House sit the government members. Directly opposite, separated by a legendary two swords lengths, sits the official opposition.

| January 23, 2012

I have to ask it again - Is the NDP's lunch being eaten by the Libs? - who is being seen as the real opposition

So I have to ask again, are the Libs eating the NDP's lunch? I see the Libs are writing the GG to ask he not sign the bill? What has the NDP actually done as Oppostion on this issue, and the CWB? I wrote the Acting Leader and got a reply but honestly I am not feeling any better. If anyone from the Acting Leader's office is surfing these boards, how about a comment. Where are you guys? You are missing in action!


Why would the NDP want to be Tweedledum to Stephen Harper's Tweedledee Conservatives?

Who would have thought the New Democratic Party would be taking its place as the Official Opposition as the House of Commons resumed Sept. 19? Not the Liberal Party, that is for sure, nor the Bloc. Perhaps the most surprised are the closest observers of parliament: the press gallery and the national media.

Now that the "how did this happen" stage of reporting is over, the prominent storyline is that as the Official Opposition the NDP must get serious and moderate its traditional policy stances. Major political figures and players in the national media like a scenario where the New Democrats recognize their past limitations, become more centrist, and work with the Liberals.

| June 26, 2011
| June 23, 2011
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