oil sands

Jul 2, 2014
Photo taken at the 5th and final Tar Sands Healing Walk, June 2014. Twitter.com

Taking on the fossil fuel empire

Murray Dobbin
As the world struggles with how to deal with the slow motion apocalypse of global climate change it becomes more and more apparent that we are trapped in "the kind of thinking" that got us here.
Jan 21, 2014

'Rail versus pipeline' is the wrong question

David Suzuki
We shouldn't be debating whether it's better to transport fossil fuels by rail or pipeline; we should be asking how to reduce the need for both by cutting back on oil, gas and coal.
Dec 27, 2013

Oil Sands fever

Yves Engler
Widely known as “Dutch Disease”, this well established economic paradox has become a taboo subject in this country.


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