Omnibus Budget Bill C-38

Sep 12, 2012
MP Megan Leslie

Hurricane Leslie: We're going to be all right

Christopher Majka
NDP deputy leader Megan Leslie has a crystal clear vision. Her political power is firmly rooted in community, and the strength she draws from it is returned to it, giving it voice, power and respect.
Jun 20, 2012

Rio+20: Proposing a utopia

Michel Lambert
We must exit from capitalism, rebuilding a society where the economy is not Queen but rather a tool, where cooperation overrides competition, where the common good prevails over profit.
Jun 7, 2012

Not Rex: C-38 Special

The 38 Special was the official calibre for police handguns for over 80 years. Now Bill C-38 is going to blow away over 80 years of Canadian labour and environmental regulations.


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