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Ontario votes!

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Getting the Muslim youth vote out in Ontario

Wali Farah, running for the NDP in Ottawa-South, was one of the provincial election candidates called in to speak to Muslim youth in Ottawa.

Concerns have been raised about the lack of political engagement of Canadian youth. During the federal election, voting flash mobs at Canadian universities were seen as a way to get young voters excited and eager to vote.

Unfortunately, most efforts to engage youth have been initiated by groups and organizations that I feel do not reflect the ethno-cultural diversity of Canada's major cities. As an activist in Ottawa's Muslim communities who is passionate about civic engagement, I wanted to take a lead in addressing what I've seen as a lack of engagement among young Muslims of voting age.


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Volunteer-led Ontario Health Coalition referendum encourages Ontarians to support local public hospitals

April 5, 2014
| The Ontario Health Coalition has organized a volunteer-led referendum advocating for the public to have their say on the health care system.
Length: 14:29 minutes (13.27 MB)

Who's right on Ontario's labour market -- Wynne or Hudak?

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No time for an Ontario election: NDP and Liberals should work together on progressive policy

Photo: Patrick Imbeau/flickr

This is crunch time for the NDP. Here is the question a lot of progressive people like me are asking: Is Andrea Horwath just another wind-up politician or is she an actual leader?

Because the same-old, same-old populist posturing that's going on right now makes it look like she thinks it's all business as usual, which it is not.

We all do understand that she and the party are in a quandary. But this budget is unfolding in a dangerous context that forces us to expand the frame of this conversation and get real.

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