Organized Labour

Oct 15, 2011

Small business and the attack on unions

Andrew Jackson
In case you had any doubts where the escalating attack on Canadian unions is coming from, check out the website of the Canadian Labour Watch Association.
Sep 23, 2011

Union and NDP liaison not what it once was

Gerry Caplan
Union influence within the NDP has slipped away over the years, and it was probably only a matter of time before separation proceedings were instituted.
Sep 21, 2011

Trade unions urge G20 action on jobs

Andrew Jackson
The G20 labour ministers' meeting next week is being held against the background of high unemployment in the advanced economies, and the prospect for unemployment to increase even further.
Activist Toolkit

Union solidarity

This guide is intended to introduce activists to union solidarity.
Jul 8, 2011

Burned by B.C.'s toxic HST debate

I've never endorsed the HST. That claim, made by business-funded HST advocates in B.C. trying to drive a wedge between unions in B.C. and in Ontario, is blatantly false.


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