Apr 17, 2012
H2O, Not F-35s

Harper's F-35 fiasco not going away anytime soon

rabble staff
The Council of Canadians calls for the Harper government to spend money on clean water, not on fighter jets. The F-35 fiasco is part of a growing crisis of legitimacy for Harper.
Mar 25, 2012

Activist Communiqué: Vigil for Veterans – Ottawa

Krystalline Kraus
The Canadian Veterans Advocacy (CVA) will be organizing a Vigil for Veterans on Parliament Hill to coincide with the first reading of the budget, where veterans face potentially devastating cuts..
Mar 16, 2012

jhr reports: Canada's mining watchdog

Journalists for Human Rights
As civil society actors meet on Parliament Hill in Ottawa today for a human rights conference, jhr Montreal correspondent Adam Bemma speaks to Jen Moore from MiningWatch Canada.


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