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Massacre of workers at the Gadani shipbreaking yards in Pakistan

November 22, 2016
| Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and explosion at Gadani shipbreaking yards in Pakistan.
Length: 30:28 minutes (13.95 MB)
| July 31, 2016
Asia Pacific Currents

Baba Jan jailing and repression in Pakistan

July 8, 2016
| This week's updates include an interview with Farooq Tariq on Baba Jan and ongoing political repression in Pakistan.
Length: 29:14 minutes (13.39 MB)
The Hum Podcast

It's not a story here but back home it is

May 19, 2016
| Journalist Zahra Haider talks about her VICE article on having premarital sex in Pakistan.
Length: 34:37 minutes (47.55 MB)

Saving Islam for women

April 24, 2016
| An American Muslim feminist's campaign to reclaim women's place.
Length: 56:53 minutes (78.12 MB)

Pakistan's solar nuns

March 9, 2016
| Sisters Samina Iqbal and Maria Daniel are nuns who install and run solar equipment out of their mission in Faisalabad.
Length: 29:14 minutes (40.15 MB)

Women and War in a complex region -- Pakistan-Afghanistan

November 8, 2015
| An interview with Nafisa Hoodbhoy, author of Aboard the Democracy Train: A Journey Through Pakistan's Last Decade of Democracy.
Length: 29:11 minutes (40.08 MB)
Image: Wikimedia commons
| April 7, 2015

Book: Base Nation

December 5, 2014
| In the Persian Gulf alone, the U.S. military has major bases in every country except Iran. There are bases in Pakistan on one end of the region and in the Balkans on the other.
Length: 15:23 minutes (14.09 MB)

Extremists target Pakistani journalists and demand 'balanced reporting'

Photo: flickr/Binuri Ranasinghe
When attacks from the Pakistani Taliban moved from 'possibility' to 'real life' journalists and editors scrambled to define what this mean for reporting on extremists and the safety of their writers.

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