Feb 5, 2014

We still have a parliamentary reporter (thanks)

rabble staff
We hate to see cuts in the media, but it keeps happening. Postmedia just laid off five members of their parliamentary bureau. Thanks to you we still have our coverage, let’s keep it going.
Dec 30, 2013

Parliament, let's look back on the year

rabble staff's parliamentary correspondent Karl Nerenberg's best articles of 2013. If you need a round-up of government hijinks in 2013, look no further.
Aug 21, 2013
Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Rogue prorogation or prorogation by a rogue?

Christopher Majka
Stephen Harper's intention to once again prorogue Parliament has elicited protest and fulmination. However, is there reason for such outcry? Is this a rogue prorogation or a prorogation by a rogue?


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