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Disgraced Canadian politicians star in Alltime TV lineup

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Innovative TV startup Alltime capitalizes on on-demand trends and disgraced Canadian politicians to bring you pay-per-episode programming. Get ready to cancel your cable.

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Alltime TV unbundles cable, hires disgraced politicians

image: flickr/Kevin Simpson

Taking its cue from the continued popularity of On Demand services, an innovative startup called Alltime TV is launching a new set of programming for the watch-now, on-demand crowd. It's pay-per-episode cable, but that's not all this new broadcaster has got up its sleeve.

Alltime has taken the extraordinary step of hiring a number of Canada's embattled or disgraced politicians -- including Patrick Brazeau and the Ford brothers -- as political pundits, reality stars and actors in a move to capture the disgruntled cable viewers that make up much of Canada's television consumerscape.


Tory Attack Ad Fail
| November 14, 2013
| October 28, 2013 polls

In your opinion, which of these senators is most likely to face true anger from the Canadian public?

Duffy comes within an inch of calling Harper a liar over the Senate scandal and the infamous $90,000 cheque.

Pamela Wallin's expenses are still under review with Harper flip-flopping on whether he defended her.


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| August 20, 2013
| April 25, 2013

The Brazeau affair highlights Harper's Senate hypocrisy

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The Brazeau affair -- sad, repugnant and bizarre all at the same time -- shines a light on two aspects of Canadian politics that desperately need some exposure.

One is what it reveals about the state of "official" aboriginal politics and its relationship to the Canadian state.

The other, the almost exclusive focus of the media, is the grotesque hypocrisy of Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the Senate. The question most asked in post-Brazeau flame-out is how was it possible that Harper, the strategic genius and control freak (with a $10 million staff at his command) could have chosen this guy as a senator?

Senator Patrick Brazeau kicked out of Conservative caucus

Harper and Brazeau in happier times. (Photo:

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After weeks of being one of the most high profile Conservative Party critics of the Idle No More movement, Senator Patrick Brazeau has been kicked out of the party's caucus.

The Canadian Press is reporting that a member of Brazeau's staff was informed of this decision earlier today by the office of Senator Marjory LeBreton. There are also reports that Brazeau was taken into police custody following a call about domestic violence in Gatineau. 


Open letter to Stephen Harper: We need to talk about Senator Brazeau


Change the conversation, support today.

This is awkward, Stephen. But I think we both need to stop tiptoeing around the issue and just bring it up. When you pass legislation that basically assumes that all the band councils and chiefs in Canada are corrupt, entitled freeloaders, your most visible indigenous spokesperson about the pressing need for legal reform should probably not be Senator Patrick Brazeau. Points for irony, though. 


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