peak oil

Jul 13, 2015

The rise of extreme energy

Fossil fuels are now being extracted with more unconventional and more dangerous techniques. A new film looks at the rise of extreme energy and envisages the path towards a post-growth economy.
Jul 5, 2012
Oil derricks

In the valley of the shadow of peak oil

Christopher Majka
Peak oil appears nowhere in sight. New technology and high prices drive unconventional oil production. Political measures are key in transitioning to renewable energy and avoiding climate disaster.
Sep 1, 2011

Climate change: Responsibility and action

Bill Henderson
Are we acting with due diligence to future generations? Is ideological orthodoxy keeping us in denial about how we govern ourselves? B.C.'s fossil fuel expansion is a crime against humanity.
Mar 17, 2011

What Japan's nuclear crisis means for all of us

Tyler Bryant and Ian Hanington
As the Japan catastrophe shows, nuclear is far from a benign source of energy. The need to properly assess the impacts of our energy options and seek a sustainable future is more important than ever.


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