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Living On Purpose

The Courage Herd on Living on Purpose

December 29, 2016
| Host Lynn Thompson meets with Tina Turner, owner of The Courage Herd on a farm outside Ottawa, and explores Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning.
Length: 14:44 minutes (13.49 MB)
Living On Purpose

The magic of asking

December 8, 2016
| Have you asked for something today? Readings from "The Aladdin Factor" with accompanying thoughts.
Length: 28:17 minutes (25.9 MB)
Living On Purpose

KK Watson on improv in Kauai

December 1, 2016
| Meeting new friends through the improv healing workshop on Kauai evolves into an improv conversation with Keoni Watson.
Length: 40:08 minutes (36.76 MB)
Living On Purpose

Forget about catching up

November 22, 2016
| I have found a more relaxed way to approach my "get to do" list.
Length: 01:57 minutes (1.79 MB)
Living On Purpose

Astro girl: Solar eclipse notes

March 10, 2016
| Cathy Moe is a seasoned astrologer who pinpoints intriguing effects of the most recent solar eclipse.
Length: 16:55 minutes (15.5 MB)
Living On Purpose

Waves of compassion

February 3, 2016
| Dusk walk at beach sharing waves of reflection.
Length: 13:18 minutes (12.18 MB)
Living On Purpose

#235 - Resolve What?

January 2, 2016
| There is something more important than resolutions, any time of year.
Length: 12:19 minutes (11.29 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 233 -- Philip Shepherd is present

June 23, 2015
| Philip Shepherd, author of "New Self, New World," shares updates and ideas on the benefit of living on purpose in the present.
Length: 30:04 minutes (27.53 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 232 -- Marc Jade 'live' in Ottawa

April 1, 2015
| Marc Jade, clairvoyant and medium, is based in Ottawa and is living proof of how trust in purpose can save and shape a life for the benefit of all.
Length: 1:06:40 minutes (61.04 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 231 -- How The Future Appears

February 2, 2015
| When you think about the future, how do you imagine it?
Length: 03:40 minutes (3.37 MB)
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