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Hill Dispatches: Peter Kent and the Greenhouse Effect

Photo: Ron Foreman/Flickr
Canada's Kyoto-hating environment minister Peter Kent concluded 27 years ago as a CBC journalist that the greenhouse effect "must be considered the world’s greatest environmental concern."

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Youth protest greenwashing corporations: World Business Day at UN climate talks in Doha

Change the conversation, support today.

This is the time of year for businesspeople to determine the course of our future. Out come the expensive jackets, polished shoes and snazzy cars for Doha World Business Day organized by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

It is the day when profit-mongering corporations talk about their "commitment to low-carbon economic growth." So as leaders from Shell and BMW sit around a table discussing their "green image," visions of cancer plagued frontline communities are making our stomachs churn.


Canada threatens to leave alarming climate legacy at COP18 negotiations

It was just over one week ago that Environment Minister Peter Kent told reporters, "climate change is a real and present danger.

These words echoed the urgency felt around the globe -- a world in the grips of the effects of intensified natural disasters, unprecedented rates of species loss and a rapidly degrading environment. Many hoped that this sense of urgency would translate into a stronger and more ambitious Canadian position at the United Nations annual climate negotiations, which opened on Monday in Doha, Qatar.


Peter Kent twists and turns on climate change

After Sandy, Peter Kent may have felt the need to speak about the reality of climate change. (Photo: Chatham House, London / flickr)

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