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| November 20, 2014
Russia's New Rubles
| November 12, 2014

Ban tar sands dilbit from Line 9 and Waterloo region and respect the treaties

September 30, 2014
| On September 17, Waterloo region residents presented to council urging them to enact a municipal tar sands dilbit ban, and to honour settler treaty responsibilities to Indigenous nations.
Length: 11:44 minutes (16.12 MB)
| September 29, 2014
| September 16, 2014
| September 12, 2014

Grrr. Wildlife falls prey to our insatiable need for natural resources

Photo: flickr/PressedRat

Despite suspected ongoing impact to animals where the Mount Polley Mine breached several weeks ago, professional wildlife response teams can't get in to assess the area.

It is believed that chemicals still in the environment from the spill -- which released millions of cubic metres of potentially toxic waste into central B.C. waterways -- could impact millions of birds, among other animals in the area.

Exasperated responders say it is just a piece of a much larger problem that will only grow with the economy's reliance on natural resource development: wildlife has zero protection under Canadian environmental legislation.


Image: Flickr/Council of Canadians
| August 19, 2014

GroundWire | August 18, 2014: pipelines, prisoners' justice and more

August 19, 2014
| This is a special bilingual episode of GroundWire in English and French.
Length: 29:55 minutes (41.1 MB)
Photo: flickr/kris krüg
| August 14, 2014
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