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Smash the State Report: May 17, 2013

May 28, 2013
| updates on resistance to pipelines and canadian mining companies (and a how-to), KOALA hits african lion safari and hogtown mayday parties down. Testi THeir Logik and more!
Length: 57:01 minutes (52.21 MB)
| May 6, 2013

Smash The State Report: Jan. 25, 2013

February 4, 2013
| support the hunger strike at Penetang prison then listen to news about Honduran mining laws, Mapuche resistance, resource extraction plans in NA, pissed off scientists + more!
Length: 1:13:01 minutes (66.87 MB)
Ross River, Yukon. Photo: Geoff Fandrick/Flickr
| January 22, 2013

Charest dehors! On va te trouver une job dans le Nord

On April 30 striking students did a snake march in downtown Gatineau so as to keep up the pressure on the liberal governement. The main slogan of the march was addressed at Jean Charest who was told to leave and work would be found for him up in the north, a reference to his joking with the business leaders at a promotional event for his 'Plan for the north'. He ridiculed striking students demonstrating outside, saying that perhaps they could find a job up north. Riot police beat up students during this demonstration. During the snake march, some of the participants stayed behind when it proceeded to the provincial court because of the conditions they received following a mass arrest on April 19.


Quebec student strike rages on and branches out: No Plan Nord and solidarity actions

May 3, 2012
| Update of actions against austerity as the Quebec student strike rages on, with street battles, mass arrests and bad faith negotiating. Also a piece on a Kitchener solidarity action and Plan Nord.
Length: 22:55
Road to Hydro-Quebec's hydroelectric installations on La Grande river. Photo: Hugh McGuire/Flickr
| April 30, 2012
| April 24, 2012

Jean Charest's destructive Plan Nord

Photo: peupleloup/Flickr

This is an old, familiar story: exploitation of natural resources and aboriginal lands by mining interests, under the pretense of consultation, economic development, and protection. But Jean Charest's Plan Nord is stupendous for its scale, for the level of government involvement, and for its influence on other governments in Canada.


Québec Hydro Project/Plan Nord spark huge protests

Jean Charest just announce the North plan, with lot of big buck, many of those developpement append to be in the cree and inu territory which also mean problem ahead!

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