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Ethical Waters: Healing Walk in the tar sands grows year by year

The 2012 Tar Sands Healing Walk. (Photo: Jesse Cardinal)

In the face of enormous destruction and intimidation, it is crucial to assert what one values, and why. The third annual Tar Sands Healing Walk met this challenge head on with courage and wisdom, as Indigenous communities asserted that it is a human responsibility to protect clean and healthy water, air and land for future generations.

Walking together on August 4 through the 14-km epicenter of the Alberta tar sands, roughly 250 people witnessed the immense industrial devastation and conducted ceremonies for the healing of the land and waters.


Top of premiers' agenda in Halifax: The future of health care in Canada

Dr. Ryan Meili on the future of medicare in Canada.
With premiers set to focus on health care at their Halifax meetings this week, we bring you an interview with Dr. Ryan Meili on the future of medicare in Canada.

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AIDS activists: Harper's Canada is an 'evidence free zone'

Activists with used crime scene tape to make a point this morning at the Interna
Activists with used crime scene tape to make a point this morning at the International AIDS conference.

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National Day of Action for a 2014 Health Accord

A sign at the December 4, 2010 Rally for Public Healthcare at the Alberta Legislature.(Photo:  dave.cournoyer / flickr)
Today is a National Day of Action against the federal government walking away from the 2014 Health Accord negotiating table and effectively downloading much of the responsibility for health care.

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'Death of evidence' rally on Parliament Hill today

Photo: TheFutureIsUnwritten / flickr
These are dark times for science and democracy in Canada. There will be a mock funeral procession on Parliament Hill today to protest cuts to scientific programs and the muzzling of scientists.

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A pediatrician speaks out: Refugee health cuts put children's lives at risk

Photo: Jesse McLaren

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On June 18, physicians and other health care providers carried out a National Day of Action in over a dozen cities across Canada to oppose the Conservatives' cuts to refugee health care. This article is a modified version of the speech delivered to the Montreal rally by pediatrician Samir Shaheen-Hussain. 


Taking action against secret trials in Canada

Photo: John Bonnar.
On Tuesday afternoon, Mohammad Mahjoub and his supporters stood outside the CSIS Toronto region office building to mark 12 years of detention without charge.

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Remembering William Commanda on National Aboriginal Day

William Commanda. (Photo: ccamu.ca)

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One year ago today, June 21, 2011, was the date of Grandfather William Commanda's last physical visit to Asinabka, Victoria Island.


Photo: flickr/Justin Trudeau
| January 13, 2015

rabble.ca in conversation with Glenn Greenwald

Photo: rabble.ca

Glenn Greenwald gave a lecture in Ottawa on Saturday night. The event was held in a week where two soldiers were killed in separate incidents in different parts of the country.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. by Martin Couture-Rouleau. In a separate incident, a Cpl. Nathan Cirrillo was shot on Parliament Hill by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who then entered Parliament Hill Centre Block firing more shots. He was shot dead by the Sergeant-at-arms and RCMP.


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